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Mothers & Spice and Everything Nice

When we created our "Mother" Seasoning Blend, we had our mothers in mind.  There isn't a day that goes by that we don't need doses of our mother's love or wisdom. They nurtured us, gave us foundation, and have remained a consistent force in our lives. When we think of our mothers, we think of all the meals they prepared with their hands after working long hours during the work week or for the holidays to share with their families. Food is a huge part of the way we connect and show love in Black culture. Most of our cultural gatherings involve food made with traditional African cooking techniques and recipes with influences from European, Indigenous, Spanish, and Asian cultures.

Mother is all-purpose seasoning blend that can serve as a base for any recipe and can punch up flavors as a finishing seasoning. Like our mothers, it's warm, bright, always appropriate for the occasion and exactly what we need.

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